old stone home Gettysburg
Photo: Michael Bushman Farm, Gettsysburg, PA, by lcm1863

Who doesn’t love an old stone home? These early American homes were crafted with love and materials (stone and timber) sourced in the surrounding creeks, quarries and forests. Built to last, old stone homes stand as testaments to our earliest days as a nation, our struggles to establish ourselves in a foreign land and our ability to nest, nurture and establish family ties that now run deep.

If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably had one of those “oh wow” moments. Perhaps you were driving down a country road and happened upon a cottage or federal-style home, nestled on its site as if sprouted from the very soil it stood on. Or you spotted the remains of an old stone home — a limestone foundation loosely cobbled together or a few walls, minus their windows and a roof. Then your gut tells you to pull the car over, snap a picture and make a mental note of location. Even if you never return, you remember.

This site is dedicated to all things related to old stone homes: construction methods, outbuildings and interesting restorations (and perhaps a remodel or two gone wrong). We’ll also highlight stone homes currently on the market (and in need of a little love). Is there an old stone home in your neighborhood that you’d love to know more about or a restoration project that you think we should feature? Drop us a line at

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