Old Stagecoach Stop: Your Next Home?

Imagine a time before air and car travel. A time even before rail travel. When the only way to get from point A to a distant point B was to hop aboard a stagecoach, a horse-drawn carriage designed to convey passengers and luggage along one of several well-traveled routes.

historic stagecoach stops

To accommodate weary travelers making more than a day’s journey, inns and taverns popped up along the most frequently traveled routes. Many of the “stops” have survived and today thrive as inns, bed and breakfasts and historic sites open to the public for tour. And, every now and again, you come across a stagecoach stop turned private residence. Which brings us to this batch of old stone homes for sale.

Feast your eyes on some true American beauties, historically significant and awaiting thoughtful caretakers. Can’t you almost hear the faint sound of wagon wheels and the clip-clop of horses’ heels in the distance?

Perkionmenville, Pennsylvania

Inn at Perkiomenville
This circa-1800 stone inn, located in the historic village of Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania, has been stripped down to its original plaster and stone and pine floors. Formerly known as Wynn’s Creekside Inn and the Inn at Perkiomenville, this building sits vacant, awaiting an owner who can lovingly convert it to a single-family home or maintain it as an inn or quaint café.

Everett, Pennsylvania

Weaverly House Everett Pennsylvania
A plaque that reads “Weaverly” adorns the exterior of this grand old stone home, which was built in 1843 and served as a stagecoach stop and, later, an inn. A gift shop, coined the Sheepskin Country Store, was also located on the premises. The home, which sits on 10 acres of lush farmland, boasts four bedrooms and a circa-1963 barn.

Hollowville, New York

Hollowville Stagecoach House
This three-story stagecoach house, circa 1780, is nestled on a quiet drive away from the main road, which was originally known as the Columbia Turnpike. Surrounded by woods and meadows, the home has been painstakingly restored and features four bedrooms, its original fireplace, wide-planked floors and more.