Old Stone Homes for Sale in Ireland

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Source: RJ Tours

We couldn’t let St. Patrick’s Day go by without exploring cozy stone cottages of the Emerald Isle. Have some time today to daydream? Take a look at these properties – your own little slice of Irish paradise!

A nature lover’s dream come true, this three-bedroom cottage is nestled within a horseshoe of mountains known as “The Pocket”. A replica of an original shepherd’s cottage that sat on the site, the cozy stone home offers both a duck pond and babbling brook and hiking trails as far as the eye can see.

Boasting views of both Kenmare Bay and Caha Mountains, this lovingly restored, circa-1800s stone cottage features two bedrooms, two living rooms divided by the home’s original stone fireplace and a garden that needs the transformative touch of a green thumb.

Brandon Lodge, a honey-colored granite farmhouse located in County Kilkenny, is perched on the southern side of Mount Brandon. Carefully restored in 2005, the home offers three bedrooms and the best of both town and country.

Belvelly Castle in County Cork desperately needs a new master – could it be you? Dating to the 13th century and built by the Hodnett family, the property later fell into the hands of Sir Walter Raleigh. The fortified tower house stands 80 feet tall and sits at the edge of a protected estuary. Planning permission has been granted to restore the structure.

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