For Sale: Old Stone Homes of the Southwest

Attention, stone home lovers. Got a soft spot for all things Southwest and the legend and lore of frontiersmen and women? You can indeed find historic stone homes in the states that form the Southwest. We did a bit of digging and found a few beauties that you may wish to call home.

This stone home, circa 1882, is located in the Parkwood subdivision of San Antonio, Texas. The Texas Hill Country-style home is known to locals as the Francisco/Maximo Cadena House and comes with almost 20 acres of property. The home needs TLC, for sure, but we hope the new owner puts money into a restoration rather than building something new.

Cimarron, New Mexico, known for its colorful wild-west history, is now a peaceful community where historic buildings and the modern world co-exist. This circa-1908 home, the original home of W S Ranch (employer of Buffalo Bill!), was built with rocks brought in from The Palisades. The Victorian-style home boasts five bedrooms, sits on 1.4 acres and may host a ghost or two (just sayin’).

Nestled in the foothills of Farmington, Utah, this historic structure, known as Richards Grist Mill, was built in 1857 for early Mormon pioneers. The single family dwelling comes with seven acres, plus a studio and caretaker’s quarters.

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